Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Senator McCain Was Not Asleep

A storm of unfair attacks have been launched against Senator McCain following last night's State of the Union. The Senator, who will be 70 in 2008, was caught on camera last night with his eyes closed for at least more then a few seconds. Lets be fair folks. His eyes were not closed. Every member in the House last night had a copy of the State of the Union. At the moment, the Senator more then likely was looking down at his own copy, and the camera shot made it appear that he was asleep.

[Update] Critics who have been waiting to have an opportunity to publicly admonish McCain, especially since he has not been a "maverick" in regards to his support of Bush's foreign policy...finally have an opening to attack McCain. And the attack line is perfect: "he's too old to be President."

I admit that the image of him, slumped over, with his eyes cast downwards, was not the greatest image you want the American people to see. But the Senator was not asleep! So lets cut him some slack, and move on.


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