Monday, January 22, 2007


Tony Dungy's Moment

This was supposed to happen last year for Coach Tony Dungy. The Colts had raced out to a 13-0 start, and were poised to dominate the AFC. For a coach, who had won so much during the regular season, but kept losing in the playoffs...last year was supposed to be the year he made it to the Super Bowl.

But something happened on the way to that promised land. His son committed suicide, and suddenly football became a distant second.

Last year the Colts lost a disappointing game to the
Steelers in the divisional round. That loss I'm sure hurt Dungy and his team, but could not compare to the sense of loss he felt after losing his son to suicide.

A year later, football is back, and my hope is that his son, although not here on this earth, is able to be there with his father in spirit, as his father now gets to step into the spot light, and rightfully advance his team into the Super Bowl. This man deserves this
opportunity, and has worked extremely hard to get his team to the pinnacle of the National Football League.

This is a man who has great faith in God, is full of conviction, and posses tremendous work ethic.

Coaches like
Lovie Smith (who will guide the Bears in the Super Bowl), and Herm Edwards (the Chiefs coach) may not be coaches today if it were not for the tutelage they received under Dungy. Congratulations Coach Dungy. Enjoy the ride!

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