Thursday, February 22, 2007


"Dust-up In The Desert"

I don't often link to ABC News' "The Note" (not out of any dislike -- they put out a fine product -- but, hey, I like to emphasize my own links around here!), but its partly-faux chronology of the Clinton-Obama spat is an amusing keeper.

Two other points that I believe are accurate though:

1) Also from the Note, George Stephanopolous -- who hosted the Obama-free Democratic debate in Nevada yesterday -- offered this bottom line reaction:
He also gave an indication of who could capitalize on the current drama saying, "with this race getting so negative so early, it leaves an opening for someone like an Al Gore to come in very late when people are sour on all the candidates in the race."
Yes, that would be same Al Gore who will likely win an Oscar this weekend for "An Inconvenient Truth" and possibly a Nobel Peace Prize later on this year. The same Al Gore of whose prospects a certain blogger speculated a year ago (though, admittedly, not seeing the Obama quick rise).

2) I also think my colleague John Podhoretz hits it right when he says that Obama ends up "losing" because the Clintons drew him into a mud fight -- when part of his message was about separating himself from the "usual politics":
All Team Barack needed to do was keep quiet and let Wolfson's bait remain hanging there. No serious person thinks Geffen speaks for Obama.

Instead, the Wolfson blast was met with an ugly Obama blast in response - which is the practice of any conventional campaign. Only Obama supposedly isn't running a conventional campaign.

He is supposed to transcend the normal rules of politics and sail sweetly through the Democratic primaries with his message of audacious hope, wonderful hope, glorious HOPE.

One night in Hollywood and it's all blasted to hell.
Yeah, one could say that the race for the White House officially began yesterday (especially given the McCain-Cheney-Rumsfeld undercard).

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