Thursday, February 22, 2007


Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. Rodan vs. ?

So, with the news that Google is jumping fully into the wordprocessing and e-mail software suite business, Microsoft is suddenly challenged on all sides.

Perpetual nemesis Apple came up with the ultimate entertainment killer-ap six years ago with the introduction of the Ipod music player. Microsoft's Zune came on the market last year, but still lags far behind a product that has become an industry in and of itself -- sparking a proliferation of accessories and subsidiary items (essentially what Microsoft did twenty years ago). Indeed, no sooner as the Zune appears and Apple has already moved on to the pending iPhone. No wonder Steve Jobs openly mocked the Zune at last month's Macworld presentation.

Now, along comes Google to go at the heart of Microsoft's business -- productivity software. So, whether one is talking work or play, the world is moving away from a PC-grounded world. The hard lesson to be learned by the long-time computing leader: Mobility beats monopoly.


This being a full-fledged battle of the monsters, one cannot completely count out Godzilla.

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