Saturday, February 17, 2007


Open Thread

Time for that weekend section of Ragged Thots, where we all pretend that we haven't experienced cognitive dissonance in every other thread this week.

And as a guest in the Ragged Thots House, I was remiss in my duty of NOT reminding everyone of RAG's presence on NPR (especially since he is not a "tooting-my-own-horn" type and forgets to remind us himself). As RAG was on with Glen Loury, one of the only Roundtable professorial types that I still have some academic reverence for, I strongly encourage everyone to partake of the dynamic duo by listening HERE.

I feel really bad about missing that one, so I'll make it up to our host by selling bootlegged DVDs of his stand-up appearances from the trunk of a car in Brooklyn this summer.

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