Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Ann of Green Unstables

This blog consciously avoided speaking of a certain blonde "author" outburst at CPAC last weekend. Blog "usual suspects" took up the conversation in the Open Thread comments section.

We saw this coming a while ago -- and said so at the time. I'm glad to see that some others on the right are calling this for what it is.

Ironically, her quote in the post from last summer references a certain golden-tressed heir-head, recently arrested for driving with a suspended license DUI (five weeks after being sentenced to probation for alcohol-induced reckless driving). And given the title of this conservative column, we appear to have reached a perfect storm of blonde meltdowns.

UPDATE: Oh the irony!!! It seems that someone our blonde friend has been palling around with at CPAC has an interesting background (and, according to some sites to which this family-oriented blog cannot link, an interesting "foreground" -- WINK! WINK! -- as well). I've met the gentleman in question a few times as I have a number of friends in the Columbia U. military community. I would never have guessed.

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