Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Atlas Mugged

Well, someone has finally come out of the closet. Or, since he's an atheist, maybe it would be more appropriate to say that he came out of the Confessional. Representative Pete Stark, of San Francisco naturally, has decided to let his Faithless Freak Flag Fly High as one of the
country's first openly disbelieving politicos.

Sadly, he is also an unabashed tax-and-spend statist liberal and race baiter, so he only gets the sound of one hand clapping from moi. After he burns down the conservative's church, he'll be round to visit all the rest of us to burn through our cash.

Of course, the Sexually Repressed Stepford Wives of America's Red States (by the way, is red the right color for Hannity America?) think that the Congressman is more dangerous to our National Culture than a special guest star on a Chris Hansen program. As they put it, "a Christian worldview is proper for a politican to have." We all know how well such softcore neo-Crusaderism is going over among the general populations of Iraq and Afghanistan. (Or, as The Clash sang in the song Overpowered By Funk, "Don't you loooooove our Western ways?")

For Christmas (which was deemed to be a secular holiday for legal purposes, all you naysayers), I will be sending the Esteemed Congressman a copy of Ayn Rand (repeat after me, Congressman, Godless CAPITALISM, Godless CAPITALISM, Godless CAPITALISM, not SOCIALISM ...). Yes, even though most libertarians consider her slightly nuts these days, a tax-and-grab leftie like Stark needs to begin his reprogramming somewhere. He will also receive a wonderful DVD set from my favorite libertarian, secular mythbusters.

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