Thursday, March 29, 2007


Can't Get There From Here

The right to bear arms shall not be infringed -- unless you're in Washington, D.C.:

The arrest this week of Phillip Thompson, an aide to Sen. James Webb (D-Va.) who carried a loaded pistol into a Senate office building, brought to light a contradiction between the regulations governing the Capitol grounds and the laws covering District streets.

The Capitol grounds are federal property and not subject to the District's strict gun laws, which generally prohibit firearms.

Although some people are allowed to bring guns into the Capitol, they cannot legally get them there, said Lt. Jon Shelton, the longtime head of the D.C. police department's gun unit.

"They can't helicopter them in," Shelton said.
Complete and total insanity, of course.

While not directly, ahem, targeted toward this specific aspect of D.C.'s gun statutes,
this case covering handdgun ownership can't get to the Supreme Court fast enough.

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