Friday, March 09, 2007


Friday Comic Book Blogging: Captain America, R.I.P. Edition

Much, much more coverage on the death of Captain America.

1) The obituary in The Times was almost like a real Times obituary. Well, except they didn't refer to him as "Mr. America."

2) Veteran comic-book watcher Heidi MacDonald has a comics blog on the Publishers Weekly here. Mucho Cap stuff there.

3) More media and retail fall-out on the EVENT.

4) Slate talks Cap and reviews 300 (which has only gotten so-so reviews). Most interesting thing I found out this week was that the director of 300, Zach Snyder, is the man bringing Watchmen to the screen. Expect Alan Moore to hate this too.

5) In addition to his many other great powers, it turns out that Stephen Colbert is a major comic book geek (he was at the Convention two weeks ago, and apparently has a title of his own coming out later this year). He weighed in on the passing of Cap in his own inimitable style (click on "Comic Justice"). His ideas on who should be the new Captain America -- and who that person's archenemy should be -- is priceless.

6) Finally, my all-time favorite Captain America sequence is this Watergate-era story from the '70s. It's scripted by my favorite writer of that period, Steve Englehart (responsible for the "Silver St. Cloud" storyline in Detective Comics later in the decade). Anyway, in this sequence, Cap becomes a pariah to the public and is considered unpatriotic. Behind it all is a shadowy organization called The Secret Empire. Anyway, the entire story can be found in this compilation. It's Captain America (and the Falcon!) at his/their best.

Oh, and as we might have hoped, The Onion "reported" on Captain America's death in an appropriate manner!

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