Friday, March 09, 2007


Friday Trivia! Headwear edition

Why headwear? Why not!

1. Which Prince song was covered by the band Hindu Love Gods (which was made up of the band members from REM and Warren Zevon) in 1990?

2. Who was the second female to rule Ancient Egypt as pharaoh, although is generally considered the first woman in history to rule as a monarch with all the powers normally reserved for male monarchs?

3. Which famous fictional character did Tom Petty portray in the music video for his song Don't Come Around Here No More?

4. What was the title of the next-to-last film Billy Wilder directed in 1978, which starred William Holden?

5. Which cape is the site of the tallest lighthouse in America?

1. Raspberry Beret
2. Hatshepsut
3. The Mad Hatter
4. Fedora
5. Cape Hatteras


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