Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Gonzales Watch

Possible growing tension between the White House and DOJ:

[Two] Republicans, who spoke anonymously so they could share private conversations with senior White House officials, said top aides to Mr. Bush, including Fred F. Fielding, the new White House counsel, were concerned that the controversy had so damaged Mr. Gonzales’s credibility that he would be unable to advance the White House agenda on national security matters, including terrorism prosecutions.

“I really think there’s a serious estrangement between the White House and Alberto now,” one of the Republicans said.
And it is always nice to see the re-emergence of the passive voice in regard to White House controversies: "Mistakes were made..."

By, you know,

UPDATE: Sen. John Sununu becomes first GOP-er to call for Gonzales' head.
UPDATE II: And Rep. James Sensenbrenner, veteran GOP member of the House Judiciary Committee, doesn't sound enthusiastic either.

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