Friday, March 23, 2007


Have You Seen A Ford Lately?

The local Tennessee paper catches up with Harold Ford Jr. and finds life's pretty good:

His election to a House seat in 1996 was the first real job Ford had. In the four months since the election, he has four new ones — Merrill Lynch vice chairman, Fox News commentator, Vanderbilt guest professor and chairman of the Democratic Leadership Committee — the last a job that Bill Clinton used to lay the groundwork for his national political ambitions. Ford, who turns 37 next month, makes no secret of the fact that this hiatus from politics won't last long.
Single, making some pretty good money -- and not even 40 yet.

As Donna Brazile mentions, the one thing he needs to do to make himself an unstoppable political candidate next time around is to get married and have at least one kid. I maintain that the notorious "Playboy" ad undermined him, not because of racial factors, but that it made him look like too carefree a bachelor to be taken seriously as a senator.

It would have been one thing if he'd been 20 years older, but had a couple of adult kids -- and was single. But a young, never married bachelor was at a disadvantage in a southern state.

Anyway, it will be interesting watching Harold Ford over the next several years (the fact that liberals are attacking him for becoming a Fox contributor and think he's too Republican can only help him in Tennessee).

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