Thursday, March 22, 2007


How Stella Got Her Brokeback ...

... or, "For Colored Girls Who Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Was Too Much."

Normally, I try to live by the adage of my military hero,
Admiral Hyman Rickover, that "Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people." However, as an Opinionated African-American Male Veteran that hates that whole line of garbage "He-Man Hatin' Black Earth Momma" lit, ranging from Toni Morrison to the spacey Alice Walker, I find the latest installment in Terry McMillan's "Mah Man Done Lef' Me fo' Another Man" saga to be funny as hell. Although RAG takes his fellow journalist-of-color to task in the post below for playing the race card, I think there is some merit to the argument. After all, the Black Community and the White Left have said little to nothing of Ms. McMillan's use of the F-WORD after finding out that her cradle-robbed dreamboat, the inspiration for Taye Digg's star-turn in How Stella Got Her Groove Back, was gay. Yet, Ann Coulter (far right-fully so) was excoriated for same such behavior. Looks like a racial double standard to me. If it was wrong for Coulter (and it was), then it was wrong for McMillan.

Ms. McMillan, in collusion with her "Sistah In Da Struggle," Oprah "Bigger Than Jesus AND John Lennon" Winfrey, has helped to create a new Salem Witch Trial mentality among black women with the whole
"Down Low" bugaboo. It was bad enough when angry hoes went after us straight bruthas in the "Color Purple" era. I guess they won't be happy until ALL black men, including the gay ones, are exterminated, castrated, or marginalized into oblivion.

Anyhoo, Ms. McMillan is claiming that her former husby's coming out of the closet has wrecked her, emotionally and professionally, to the tune of $40 Million. I expect this case to be thrown out of court, as public figures generally have less of a claim to defamation torts than Mr. Average Joe Citizen. Perhaps, Ms. McMillan, the fault lies not in the stars of Fire Island, but with thyself?

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