Friday, March 30, 2007


Truth on Tillman

We talked about this sometime back. Earlier this week, the Pentagon announced that several officers were "responsible" for not being straightforward earlier on the circumstances ("friendly fire") of NFL player-turned-Army Ranger Pat Tillman.

Well, even with that explanation, there is now apparently further clarification.

One week after Tillman's death, a major-general (thorougly modern?) wrote the White House to give the president
a heads-up on what actually happened. Yet, the military establishment at large allowed the false story to spread -- and continued to delude the family.

The family's anger is understandable -- though their calling it a
"conspiracy" and suggesting an intent to kill Tillman goes too far.

The circumstances of Tillman's death in no way undercuts the material sacrifice he made giving up the comfort and relative safety of being an NFL player to join the military and go off to war. In doing that, he was a hero. Allowing that story to be told is good enough.

There was no need to try and make the truth "better."

In any event, after three years, the Tillman family would do well to let the matter, like Pat himself, rest at last.

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