Friday, April 13, 2007


Asians Need Not Reply

While Certain Ethnic Leaders still wring their hands over a 20-second redneck joke and consider it the biggest calumny and earth-shaking event since the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr. (yes, some damned fool actually said that on Hardball, yesterday), it's still open season on some non-black groups, chiefly Asian Americans.

There used to be a time when the National Association for the Acquisition of Coerced Philanthropy actually stood up for the rights of all non-whites facing discrimination. Instead, my legal hero Thurgood Marshall's former stalwart organization is nothing more than a softcore, Nation of Islam-type afro-fascist hangout for low-achieving buppies. Indeed, Justice Marshall's second wife, Cecilia, was an Asian-American. How did he meet her? She was a secretary at the New York NAACP office. (The marriage produce two sons. Thus, son John W. Marshall become simultaneously both the first Black American and the first Asian American director of the United States Marshals Service under Bill Clinton).

All that to say that the current ethnic political calculations of the Democratic Party, which allows an afro-fascist buffoon like Al Sharpton to parade around as if he is the heir apparent to the Marshall legacy, is going to make for some pretty sad, but hilarious politicking in the upcoming year. When Blacks are allowed to use all sorts of foul language and jokes and given a pass on the worst of behaviors under victimology, while Asians, Jews, and Whites are supposed to just "suck it up" and "take it" in the name of righting racial wrongs (real or imagined), it'll be interesting to see how well the multiracial pandering of the DNC will hold up to inter-group demands before election 2008.

For example, where is the NAACP and all the "heart-broken" black folk who care about using Imus to "advance a national dialogue on appropriate language when discussing race" when it's a NON-black group being mocked and ridiculed? For example this pre-Imus Rosie O'Donell Charlie Chan ranting on Barbara Walters' chick chat fest:

If all we can expect over the next year is whiny black people demanding center stage when it comes time for Democratic candidates handing out racial pandering chits, the Republicans may have a post-Bush shot at the White House, after all. Other ethnic and religious groups may tire of accepting the hypocritical deference in civility shown to the worst of African-America's racial ambulance chasers.

(Thanks to my one of my favorite cartoonist, Tak Toyoshima, for bringing up the Rosie issue on his blog and keeping all us non-navel-gazing black guys that actually believe in studying to get ahead rather than victimology, abreast of such matters)

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