Wednesday, April 11, 2007


MSNBC-Ya, Don't Wanna Be With Ya

Consider me surprised!

MSNBC announced today that
it was parting company with Don Imus by dropping his simulcast.

Given that MSNBC perenially trails Fox and CNN in every part of the day -- and CNN having its own morning-show upheaval -- this decision to disassociate itself from an individual who produces one of its more successful time periods is stunning. But, it shows what an incredible blunder Imus made -- and the economic ramifications it has had.

With General Electric, Ditech and American Express pulling out as advertisers, MSNBC has to watch its bottom line. Even despite the millions Imus was
reportedly bringing into MSNBC in the morning, it's clear that the cable station believes that showing him the door is the less costly option.

With MSNBC caving, the pressure on CBS Radio to keep him will be very intense.

Even if CBS stayed with him, how many of the political and journalism heavyweights (particularly those from NBC News) will continue to drop by for interviews?

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