Monday, April 23, 2007


RAGGED Weekend, Pt. 1: Croquet For All

A busy weekend for your RT host, as he took an early morning train south on Amtrak. We got off at the BWI Airport station (closer to Baltimore than DC), hopped into a rental car and headed to Annapolis for the 25th Annual Croquet Tournament between the United States Naval Academy and our alma mater, St. John's College.

It was a most beautiful day -- the loveliest of the year, with the temperature hitting 80. Images below.

A wonderful day on the St. John's College lawn.

The tournament started in 1983, with members of the Class of '84 taking leading roles. Appropriately, they had their own tent.

Much like the Kentucky Derby, Croquet Day in Annapolis means much more than the sporting event itself. Food, for example is quite important.

As is, uh, champagne. Cheers!

Guess which are the members of the Navy team and which is the Johnnie!

Outside of the SJC alumni welcominng tent. Croquet weekend has become something of a Spring homecoming at the college.

Some esteemed students of the U.S. Naval Academy watch the proceedings.

The mids try to do their institution proud.

Croquet's not the only game played on the lawn... we can see here with the...

...Beanbag Match!

And, of course, there has to be a little dancing at Croquet. (A waltz party followed in the evening.)

Oh, yeah, the Johnnies won (again), though I don't remember the score. But as you can tell, the atmosphere is more important than the matches themselves.

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