Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Spot The Similarity

Okay, this has always bugged me since high school in the '80s. One of my favorite "obscure" groups is Badfinger. I say obscure because, as one of the first groups that the Beatles signed to their Apple record label, they never got the promotion they deserved and the group left Apple with sour grapes after just four albums.

One of my top Badfinger songs is "Day After Day." Now, as litigious as Apple Corps has been when it comes to other Beatle-related projects, I've never understood how Joe Jackson, another favorite artist, got away with lifting "Day After Day" and turning it into the second single, "Breaking Us In Two," from his 1982 mega-hit album Night and Day. Intellectual property is not an exact science, but to my lay ears it seems like Badfinger would have more of a case against Jackson than the Chiffons had against George Harrison.

So maybe this is the beginning of a new Ragged Thots feature. Lord knows, there's only so much a rock star can do with repetitive tonic chords before something gets repeated.

For the Prosecution:

For the Defense:

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