Friday, May 18, 2007


Not-so-Retro Record Moment

I still haven't bothered to watch the video or read the transcript of this week's GOP "debate." However, having introduced the Ragged Thots Regulars to a certain former military physician cum Congressman from Texas, the link below seems like a fitting tie-in for another Retro Record Moment. The possibility that "
Dr. No" may actually have a shot at being to the 2008 election what Ronald Reagan was to 1980 is, to say the least, very interesting. Someone finally had the guts to inject a needed Goldwater sensibility into a party overrun by the embracers of bloated (and bloody) bureaucracy.

I can honestly say Rep. Paul is one of the ONLY politicians in America of whom I don't feel one iota of disgust, even though I think it is his forthrightness and honesty that will make him unelectable. As much as Americans whine about political duplicity and the need for a "new politics" (a phrase which is as about as grounded in reality as the dot-com's "New Economy"), Americans love a sweet talker that lies. It's why con artists were once referred to as "Confidence Men," as it takes two to bunko: the scammer that promises something for nothing and the scammed that actually hoped to GET something for nothing. After the Great Immigration Sell-Out of 2007, however, I don't think it's Rep. Paul that's going to be singing the title of the great Queen/David Bowie duet ...

For your weekend reading pleasure, the Definitive Defense of Paul's 9/11 comments (and excoriation of Giuliani Goosestepping) here.

UPDATE: Curtis LeMay notwithstanding, there must be something about Air Force officers and libertarianism that makes me think I served in the wrong service (although I was a USAF brat). Goldwater, Paul; and this column on Paul, by retired Air Force Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski. Is Ludwig Von Mises part of the commissioning process for fly boys and girls? And like the LTC, "I’m sorry that I didn’t believe in possibility that a serious person in the American political arena would commit that most radical act of speaking truth to power," and temporarily giving into the power of Darth Va---er, Judge-me-not Rudy.

And wouldn't you love to see this beautiful couple on Pennsylvania Avenue? I mean, they look like friendly, next-door-neighbor NORMAL AMERICANS. When I look at some of the recent tenants (or aspiring ones) of the National House, I hear the voice of Blaine Edwards ("Oh my, clutch the pearls and close the purse!").


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