Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ron Paul Mania

Andrew Sullivan applauds -- and supports -- the Ron Paul boomlet.

It was quite clear watching the post-debate show on Fox that the new talking points among GOP pundits is that Paul must be banned from future debates. Why? His views on foreign policy -- especially with respect to the Middle East -- are certainly unorthodox.

So what? He is a currently elected member of Congress. Thus, he has the same legitimate standing (given poll numbers) to be on the stage as, say, Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo. Besides, Paul's forthrightness gave Rudy Giuliani the opportunity to produce the applause line of the night. Why toss out a guy like that?

Furthermore, he's at least sparked getting people to support him in the Internet and text-message polls the cable networks have organized so far. And no, it's not just the anti-war Kossacks who are bum-rushing the cable polls. As Andrew's
follow-up notes, the far-right folks at World Net Daily are climbing on the Paul bandwagon!

Paul Fever -- catch it!

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