Monday, June 25, 2007


Empire And Volunteer States of Mind

How weird is this? Despite the rather diverse (in all senses of the word) candidate field, the 2008 presidential contest could ultimately be dominated by two odd states -- New York and Tennessee.

Consider all the variables counting all announced and unannounced candidates:

1) It could be two New Yorkers facing each other -- Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. Republican Rudy Giuliani.

2) Three New Yorkers facing each other -- Clinton vs. Giuliani vs. Independent Michael Bloomberg.

3) Two Tennesseans going at it -- Democrat Al Gore vs. Republican Fred Thompson

4) New York Democrat Clinton vs Tennessee Republican Thompson

5) Tennessee Democrat Gore vs. New York Republican Giuliani

6, 7 & 8) The last three plus Bloomberg as an independent.

Meanwhile, one-time Ross Perot adviser Ed Rollins lends his perspective on a possible Bloomberg independent run

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