Tuesday, June 19, 2007


The Other Other New Yorker's Tough Day

It will be a busy time for all of us New York bloggers if Mike Bloomberg actually gets into the race -- trying to keep up with three presidential candidates. So, in the interests of completeness, let's turn to the GOP contender.

Rudy Giuliani didn't have quite as "positive" a news day as Hillary and Bloomy.

In the morning, Newsday revealed that Rudy resigned/was dropped from the Iraq Study Group after blowing off most of the meetings in the first two months.

For good measure, the paper also noted that Rudy opted for paid speeches which netted him $11 million rather than attend the ISG.

And later in the day, Rudy's South Carolina campaign chair -- also the state treasurer -- was
indicted on cocaine charges. That's not a reflection on Rudy -- but it's not exactly great news at moment when Fred Thompson is surging in the Palmetto State.

Oh, one more thing, Lindsey Graham must find the Ravenel scandal rather interesting.

UPDATE: A reader adds: "Giuliani suffered another blow [Tuesday] also. Barely a week after declaring he won't compete in the Ames straw poll, Giuliani loses his most prominent supporter in Iowa -- former Rep. Jim Nussle [appointed by Bush to take over the Office of Management and Budget]. Giuliani's people have pissed A LOT of Iowans off skipping Ames and Nussle jumping ship is a clear signal to 'Giuliani-pledged' Iowans that they are now free to do likewise."

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