Thursday, June 14, 2007


Parsing Fred

Over at, Chris Cillizza has parsed the recent presidential poll numbers, and come to the following conclusion about Fred Thompson:
"All of the numbers seem to bear out the conventional wisdom surrounding Thompson's candidacy -- that he is the most electable conservative in the race."

Strong words indeed. But not everyone is so enthusiastic about Fred.

In an editorial on
Newsweek, George Will had this to say about Fred:
"So far, Thompson is 99 percent charm."

While Will takes the view that the Thompson campaign is all charm, no substance, I am not so sure.

If you take the time to read Fred's blogs over at, you will see Fred has a solid foundation of political beliefs (whether you as an individual agree with them is another matter).

For me, the question about Fred is: What are his solutions to the problems? He defines problems well, in a way which I agree 100%. But what will he do as president to solve the problems?

I have my toe on the Thompson bandwagon. As soon as he presents some solutions, I may jump on the rest of the way.


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