Monday, June 11, 2007


Right vs. Right on Immigration

Veteran Latino conservative pundit Linda Chavez takes on conservative immigration critics -- and calls out several at National Review.

Chavez's piece is lengthy and may not be completely persuasive. One question that she raises is very easy to answer: "But fear of terrorism doesn’t entirely explain why illegal immigration has become such a hot-button issue, even in the face of declining numbers of illegal aliens entering the country."

The answer to this is rather simple: The numbers of illegal aliens entering the country may have declined, but the effects of that wave from a decade are still being felt, sort of like a tsunami that hits after the earthquake (which, being "underground" might not have been felt initially at all). It is, for example, being felt at the state level, at public schools, as many children of illegals are entering public schools. Furthermore, there is greater economic anxiety today than there was six to ten years ago, and nativist sentiment increases with economic anxiety.

Those are just two reasons to explain why the immigration issue has become such a hot-button issue (fears of terrorism aside).

Still, Linda makes some interesting points and her article is worth the read. Good for her for writing it -- and good for National Review Online for running it.

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