Monday, June 04, 2007


We're Back II

Yes, we said that last Thursday, but then no post from RAG for three days! Wha hoppen? No, contrary to some rumors, I was not picked up in the Caribbean immigrant-based terrorism plot. (Sigh...why did one of them have to be Trinidadian-born?)

The fact is that I got rather sick. A couple weeks ago, I felt under the weather, with a bad cough. I figured it was a combination of allergies and a cold. I went to the doctor, got antibiotics and went about my business of moving.

Well, I never fully got rid of the bug, but, this time chalked up the coughing and sneezing to the dust from boxes and cleaning up newspapers and old magazines during the move (yeah, I'm a major-league pack rat). Anyway, on Thursday, to play it safe, I made an appointment with my doctor for the next day. But, when Friday came around, I found myself wheezing in a way I hadn't since my last bout of asthma when I was about 12 years old. I decided not to go into work and stayed home until I headed to the doctor's.

It was obviously a good decision not to go into the office since I literally could not walk a block and a half without stopping, holding onto a fence or parking meter while I caught my breath. Hmmm...not too good.

Anyway, after a couple of hours, the doctor hardly needed his stethoscope to tell him that there was a serious upper respiratory problem going on. He prescribed more antibiotics and a couple of inhalers -- one to provide instant relief and another for longer-term treatment. My chest was also X-rayed and if there's any more issues, we'll find out at early in the week.

So, before this turns into an Andrew Sullivan apnea-esque post (Andrew, I kid!), I'll end it there. A scary episode, but bed-rest for most of the weekend (plus the drugs and inhalers) seem to have done the trick so far (fingers crossed).

With any luck, we'll be fully back to "normal" in the coming days.


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