Thursday, July 26, 2007


Animal Whites Movement

Sorry, but I couldn't let Ed's piling on the "Evil Vick" bandwagon go without rebuttal this morning.

I know it might be hard for millions of sports-loving, white male Republican types like Ed to fathom that many black athletes and folk have minds of their own and don't necessarily see eye-to-eye on issues of great import, such as the rights of animals (re: property) over those of black men, or that some of us don't consider homophobic, right-wing good l'il "behavin'" negroes like Tony Dungy to be the be all and end all of black male thought. I find it quite amusing, however, that an avid consumer of "jock culture" (fueled by the labor of black men like Vick) should all of sudden find that same culture which has brought him and others many hours of amusement to be the cause of American's Downfall. What other kind of culture other than "jock culture" IS THERE in organized sports?

For an independent black---and more intelligent---perspective on the whole Vick NON-controversy, I recommend
this article by Dr. Boyce Watkins, a regular ESPN guest, who apparently has come to the same conclusion about (chiefly) white animal right activists and black athletes that I have.

Now to the degree that Vick has broken any federal or state laws on dogfighting, he has to pay the legal price. However, the whole moral superiority and smugness of some white journalists and politicians (and their negro sycophantic imps), including idiots like
former black-male-lyching-Klan-member Robert Byrd, acting as if Vick is the equivalent of Charles Manson, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Hitler, and Stalin all rolled into one disgusts the hell out of me.

Apparently, to many white folk even in this day and age, blacks are not only sub-human, but now sub-animal, as well. To paraphrase a character in The Godfather, Part II, "they're animals anyway, they have no souls to lose."

And to any of you black-hating, misanthropic thugs at PETA (a domestic terrorist organization in my opinion) who might read this, I wish YOU WOULD even THINK about throwing some red paint on my leather coat. If you do, I'll gladly remind you that this is one vegan that's also a combat vet and has a lead pipe with your name on it ...

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