Thursday, July 05, 2007


Everything Changes

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer ran last year on the slogan, "Day One: Everything Changes."

Little did the average New Yorker realize how much the new gov would live up to that "promise."

Today's Post reports that Spitzer has apparently had state troopers following his main legislative foe, Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno -- seemingly with the intent to use whatever information he gleaned for political mudslinging, such as last week's charge that Bruno used a state helicopter for political activity.

Now, to be clear here: Bruno is no angel. He's under FBI investigation for possible corruption involving his consultation practice.

However, this action by Spitzer -- the former attorney general -- brings up echoes of Richard Nixon using the FBI and the IRS for political retribution against his "enemies list."


The Post's editorial on the topic is here. The Daily News' coverage of Bruno's press conference earlier today where he called for a broad investigation of the governor's actions.

New York State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long takes issue with a Spitzer spokesman's claim that a comment by Long was the impetus for Spitzer siccing the state troopers on Bruno.

Amazing as it may seem, Eliot Spitzer may have irreparably wrecked his governorship barely six months into the job.

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