Monday, July 23, 2007


No Report: You Decide!

Ironically, as many YouTube links as I've posted on RT since RAG made me a contributor, I did not see one minute of tonight's "cutting edge technology" Democratic Debate on the web (I was enjoying the will-ful wonders of probate law class).

Being the well-informed populace that I know you are, I invite RT regulars to get me up to speed. Who do you think "won" the debate? Was it a worthwhile viewing, or one more rhetorically diffuse cluster-you-know-what? Does Bill Richardson finally have his own sexy singer on YouTube like "Obama-Girl"? (I envision a three-hundred-pound belly dancer with a veil, undulating to the tune of the Marvelettes' "Don't Mess With Bill")

Retiring minds want to know! Discuss amongst yourselves ...

UPDATE: After typing the above, I took a quick glance at for some "libertarian insight" (albeit not of the Catholic type for RT regular, Rob). Apparently, my Richardson joke had a ring of truth as I'm seeing a confusing cloud of words that include the phrases "federal funding," "dance program," and "education." WTF?!?

I AIN'T SAYIN' SHE A GOLD-DIGGER: But Hillary Ain't Caught Up With Barak's Figure.
According to the Tuesday edition of the Financial Times of London (which, until Mr. Murdoch wrests control of the WSJ from its present owners, is my favorite business rag), Obama seems to be getting more "grassroots" funding from the financial sector than Clinton these days, particularly from hedge fund types. Considering that hedge funds are coming under closer scrutiny by SEC Chair Christopher Cox, maybe some of the not-so-poor are hedging their bets on the relative unknown in the hopes of buying future influence and doing an end-run around securities regulators? More on that later ...

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