Friday, July 20, 2007


NY GOP Enters Stone Age

Earlier this week, RT noted the hiring of longtime GOP consultant Roger Stone by the state Republican Senate Committee -- and Stone's likely involvement with some mysterious anonymous anti-Eliot Spitzer e-mails.

Well, a couple of interesting developments: 1) The New York Sun advanced the story
by highlighting Stone's role in the creation of this anti-Democrat web-site discussed here.

In the context of my assertion that the state GOP is "doomed", note where meeting between Stone and Republican senators was held:

Mr. Stone, a protégé of President Nixon who developed offensive strategies for the campaigns of President Reagan, the first President Bush, Senator Dole, and other Republicans, is likely to help Republicans sharpen their attacks against Mr. Spitzer.

Mr. Stone, a Miami resident, addressed Senate Republicans on Tuesday at the Albany headquarters of 1199 SEIU, the health care employees union, which has become an important base of operations for the Senate conference.

After meeting with Mr. Stone, Senate Republicans went live with a Web site,, attacking individual members of the Senate Democratic conference for their positions on economic and other issues. Mr. Stone said he was not responsible for the site.
One more time: "...the Albany headquarters of 1199 SEIU, the health care employes union, which has become an important base of operations for the Senate conference."

Not only have New York Republicans essentially been bought by arguably the most powerful union in the state, they plot their political strategy in its headquarters.

That fact, by the way, explains only too well
the language attacking senate Democrats FROM THE LEFT on health-care spending.

2) Oh, and the above Sun story? I received it by e-mail from yet another anonymous account. This one was The e-mails are still coming -- and a third such e-mail account is now sending out news stories, That all of these are the product of Mr. Stone's new relationship with the state GOP I have no doubt: Just like the NYFacts e-mails, these are being sent to both my Post and home accounts.

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