Friday, July 06, 2007


Ryan's Hope

Congratulations to my friend, erstwhile colleague and inveterate campaign finance reform nemesis Ryan Sager as he weds Emily Gitter this coming Sunday evening in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

I'm not sure about Emily, but I'm pretty sure that Ryan is registered at (heh heh).

Given that, this little item
should amuse him to no end.

UPDATE: Yep, Ryan is amused to no end. At the risk of turning this post into something semi-serious, perhaps he should give more love to the Paul-heads. I mean, what does it say that the so-called "fringe" GOP candidate has more cash-on-hand than three former governors (Huckabee, Gilmore and T. Thompson), two currently-serving U.S. senators (Brownback and McCain) and his two other House members running for POTUS (Hunter and Tancredo).

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