Friday, July 27, 2007


Spiderman vs. dead rabbits

When I saw this post by Andrew Farago over at, I thought this is one for the Thotsters.

Farago found an old Spiderman comic book from the 70's...distributed by Planned Parenthood! Fortunately, Farago posts the entire comic book for our reading pleasure (feel free to read it at the link above).


My only problem with this comic book is a slight contradiction in the plot. If the villain (Prodigy) is trying to get kids to have babies so he can snatch them, then how is Spiderman's following comment relevant?
"He wants them to be baby machines! Changing diapars, going nowhere in dead-end jobs... Sitting home every night trying to find the time and money to go to a movie or buzz out to the burger stand."
Perhaps I'm expecting too much to want a consistent plot from a "message" comic book?

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