Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Taps For McCain

Forget writing on the wall.

This is a
big, fat neon sign on the terminal nature of John McCain's presidential campaign.

Terry Nelson is one thing; he worked for Bush in the 2000 campaign. But with notable exception of ghost-writer Mark Salter, John Weaver is McCain's strategist-alter ego. This is the equivalent of Karl Rove quitting the Bush operation in 1999.

Oh, and how surprising -- the departures preceded by a volcanic eruption by the candidate. Who would have predicted that?

Say good night, John.

UPDATE: Salter, the other alter-ego, quit shortly afterwards. The question to ask now is whether McCain even plans on remaining in politics for much longer. Oh, and if Salter plans to sue for the royalties to the two best-selling McCain "autobiographies" and three other books for which Salter was larely responsible.

A rather sad ending to a political career.

UPDATE: Salter, apparently, is officially quitting the campaign, but plans to remain as an unpaid adviser.


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