Friday, July 27, 2007


Vick and Ninnies

My final word (well, almost) on the whole Vick-dogfighting thing. I find it amusing that two African-Americans (just so's y'all don't think I just beat up on white folk) that have made their fortunes by basically treating black people like dogs through cultural pollution,
have joined forces with PETA and are jumping on the anti-Vick bandwagon.

Of course, jack legs like Sharpton and Simmons are thankfully on the decline thanks to the presence of men like Barak Obama, Cory Booker, Patrick Deval and others. I like how Sharpton has gone from black nationalist race hustler to ... multicultural race hustler by jumping on the PETA bandwagon ("Coming this fall to ABC, Al Sharpton starring in the new western, 'Have Camera, Will Travel'"). A progressive!!

No-talents like Sharpton and Simmons realize that black thought has surpassed (and is too diverse to ultimately submit to) the skin-fascist appeals of Sharpton types. Of course, the pimping game has gotten so tough that even Sharpton's brother-in-fascist-alms, Louis Farrakhan, is letting white people join his Nation of Islam (guess black folks got tired of being the only ones paying for the luxury cars and homes of Screwy Louis and his family).

All that to say, this is Vick's
Maurice Clarett moment. The Virginia Code is explicit on dogfighting as an infraction, and there's allegedly too much evidence for Vick to play dumb about the whole matter (a felony in that state). The law is the law, no matter how stupid we think any state or federal law is (and laws protecting animals outside of a private property context are massively stupid to me).

Hopefully, in addition to good defense counsel and unlike Clarett, Vick
stays the hell away from Jim Brown types and has a parent or morally significant other to whack him over the head for continuing to associate with bad crowds after finding professional success.

Advice to Vick: Do the white Democratic-Republican politician thing, give back the "dirty" money you made to a "clean" charity, go to "rehab" where you find Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, or Deepak Chopra; convert to vegetarianism, and tell the world you "changed." The American people love the publicly penitent, even if most Americans are moral hypocrites in their own damned private lives.

Finally, in response to those who thought I was too harsh in calling PETA (exactly what it is) an enabler of domestic terrorism (go look up the legal definition of "terrorism" in just about any federal or state code), I'll let you enjoy this little expose below from my favorite atheist, libertarian, meat-eating (but drug free) raconteur. Teach on, my white brothers!

Parts Two and Three, here and here ...

Update: My Ombudsman, EdMcGon has spoken and smacked me on the wet nose with a rolled newspaper. Change of venue, duly noted ...

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