Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Why Architects Need To Watch More TV

Some embarrassment in downtown San Diego...

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and two beholders – one of them a government agency's architect – have very different views of a 40-story residential tower proposed at a gateway to downtown San Diego.

Sandor Shapery says his design is like a flower. A consultant to the Centre City Development Corp. says it looks like a giant phallus.

The Shapery proposal, a 160-unit hotel and condominium tower, was supposed to go before the downtown redevelopment agency for initial feedback this month. But the developer asked for a postponement, saying he will “revisit” and perhaps “tone down” the design because he doesn't want to offend anyone.
...could very well have been avoided this controversy had the architects only been fans of CBS' "How I Met Your Mother":

The firm is about to unveil a design for a skyscraper to a big client, and Druthers is very excited about it. Druthers unveils it to the client, and the client automatically announces that the building is a penis. Everybody in the office knows it looks like a penis but Druthers, who did not see it at all. The client refuses to build a penis, and asks for other ideas. Druthers doesn't have any ready. The client is angry, and decides to leave. Ted stops him, and shows him his design.
Here's some amusing risque (or juvenile, depending on your humor tolerance) dialogue from the episode:

Ted: Here they are.
Boss: Hmm, too green.
Ted: Too green?
Boss: The leaves should be more of a natural brown color, almost brunette. Think bushy. I want this tower to rise from a thicket of wild ungroomed brunette shrubbery. Can you picture it, Ted?
Ted: I can’t unpicture it.
So who says TV can't be educational?

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