Monday, August 27, 2007


Ding Dong, The Witch Is Dead

Well, it took a ridiculously long time, but "Fredo" finally packs it in. The "Perils of Pauline" tenure of AGAG comes to a close -- U.S. attorneys firings fiasco, the John Ashcroft hospital arm-twisting, the latest charges perjury, etc.

Given that just about every other high-ranking official under him had also left, there was hardly anyone else left to help him turn out the lights.

CNN is reporting that Michael Chertoff is the White House pick as a replacement. Appropriately enough, this occurs on the 2nd anniversary of Katrina.

UPDATE: It looks like Paul Bedard of U.S. News' "Washington Whispers" column was the first to break the news of Gonzales' impending departure. Oh, and one would be remiss not to overlook Josh Marshall's universe of web-sites for the breaking of the U.S. attorney's story 18 months back, which first brought scrutiny on AGAG.

UPDATE II: Madscribe and I were thinking on the same lines this morning, thus resulting in two AGAG posts. MS graciously took down his contribution, but there's more than enough room for AGAG bashing around here, thus, here is the Madman of Ohio's view:

The prayers of some RT regulars have been answered. Another rat, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, has jumped off the deck of the sinking ship Bush II. Start placing your bets on who will be nominated and how the Democrats will talk a good game and then give Bush whatever he wants, anyway ...
--Posted By Madscribe to
RAGGED THOTS at 8/27/2007, 08:32:00 AM

UPDATE III: For a supposed "non-scandal", there's quite a roster of DOJ employees who've been jumped ship.

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