Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Even The Justice League Can Be Outsourced ...

To relieve the innevitable tension that arises from heated political discussion, a thread to remind RT readers of one of our gracious host's interests.

According to
today's Financial Times of London, British mogul, Richard Branson is among the many content creators seeking to cash in on the next generation of polychromatic pulp fiction and endless merchandising, by presenting a new pantheon of Indo-Asiatic superheroes to the TVs and printing presses of the world:

Virgin Comics, Sir Richard Branson's Bangalore-based start-up, has entered the race to develop India's first set of modern superheroes for the big screen as global media companies look to target the country's growing youth market. The company has signed up with India's UTV Motion Pictures to create four superheroes - a move that pitches it against Walt Disney and Time Warner, which have recently launched initiatives to develop similar characters.

"India has a vast vault of mythology that spans thousands of years, so that's certainly the area from which we'll be mining a lot of ideas," said Gotham Chopra, chief creative officer of Virgin Comics. "But these new characters are meant to be more contemporary superheroes that fit a more modern age." International media companies are increasingly seeking inroads to India's entertainment market, particularly the youth segment, with nearly 70 per cent of the population under 35.

Maybe Simpsons' creator Matt Groenig was on to something when he introduced the (suitable for Burger King cups) character Apu to Springfields cast of characters.

By the way, you would think that a company named "Virgin Comics" would either appeal to Larry Flynt's or Osama Bin Laden's followers ...

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