Saturday, August 11, 2007


Everything Old is True Again


According to Billboard Magazine, Ella Fitzgerald is still a chart-topper:
"Love Letters from Ella" debuted at No. 97 on the Billboard 200 Wednesday, and it also entered the Top Jazz Albums tally at No. 2, behind Michael Buble's "Call Me Irresponsible."

I'm not at all surprised. One of the features of new technology that is probably killing the music business as we know it, is that the consumer is freer to discover music outside of the realm of crappy adolescent warblers and ex-con poseurs found on MTV or BET. Why listen to the latest 50 Cent album (which sounds just like every other hypothalamus-driven, stone-banging, Neanderthalish hip hop album) when you can instantly be transported through time via the magic of I-Tunes, Zune, or even public domain download sites (early recordings out of copyright) to an era where real talent was more ubiquitous?

The wonderful digitized world of Stravinsky conducting his own compositions, Sinatra, the Jazz Charlies Parker and Christian, Woody Guthrie, or even Caruso await you.

Torture yourself no longer with the likes of Wayne Brady era histrionics, and enjoy real elegance, class, and style. She may not still be live, but who needs Memorex?

Tech Geek Note: The latest version of Real Networks' free Real Player media program allows you to easily record streaming video off the 'Net. A lot of videos I cite on RT often get pulled off of YouTube, so the latest Real Player is a great way to record gems that you may not have seen in decades before they disappear into the memory hole again (like my favorite Sid Caesar bit just did on YT).

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