Saturday, August 25, 2007


God, Guns, and No Brains

Apparently, Ted Nugent isn't content to selling overwrought hyper-patriotic tomes, or living off the royalties of his one or two hits. Unlike Justice Hugo Black or many libertarians, I don't construe the First Amendment as being so much of a license that one is free to say anything bone-headed about national candidates that one wants. Matt drudged up the video link below for his site the other day. Considering that Nugent is holding what appears to a very powerful firearm (real or replica) and asks the former first lady to "suck on his machine gun" (and he wasn't doing the Hip Hop crotch-grab while shouting it) , I think we can assume Nugent's comments comprise the physical threatening of presidential candidates. Were he to do such a thing to a private citizen with gun in hand, he might be charged with criminal menacing.

Though I support "gun rights" (however both the right and left try to misrepresent the intentions of the Founding Fathers), hunting, and generally deplore welfare state liberalism, never has the word "freedom" sounded so vile coming from the mouth of a chickenhawk piece of shit.

However, it will be interesting to see if the Secret Service investigates this histrionic and puerile screeching of a washed-up rocker, which possibly was an incitement to violence, or if Nugent gets the Jesse Helms slide.

For this week's Retro Record Moment, the only Ted Nugent record that I've ever found even somewhat remotely interesting. I always thought it would have been a great theme song for some
1960s superhero TV show (I think that I recall Cingular using the opening bars for a promotion with the first Spider-Man movie). No matter how he tries to play the "I'm so Clean and Conservative (but not Articulate)" card these days, we all know that the song isn't a reference to transcendental meditation (see Stevie Wonder's mid-1970s albums for that interpretation).

UPDATE: Well, no wonder I like the song so much. Ted Nugent wasn't the author . Also, my memory of six-year-old commercials is pretty good. My all-time favorite commercial, however, used another psychedelic artist for background music.


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