Wednesday, August 15, 2007


A Job To Kill For...

I speak, of course of -- being George W. Bush's best friend!

Forget about the fact that AGAG gets increased power in death penalty cases: Here's the interesting point in this story:
The rules would give Gonzales the authority to approve "fast-track" procedures by states in death penalty cases, enabling them to carry out sentences more speedily and with fewer opportunities for appeal if those states provide adequate representation for capital defendants.

Such powers were previously held by federal judges, but a provision of the USA Patriot Act reauthorization bill approved by Congress last year hands the authority to the attorney general.
Ah, that lovely Patriot Act reauthorization! Students paying attention might remember that that bill was also responsible for giving the attorney general the power to expedite replacements of U.S. attorneys (until that provision was overwhelmingly repealed earlier this year).

Wonder how much longer we'll be finding fascinating things squirrelled away in that BRAND NEW & IMPROVED PATRIOT ACT!?!?

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