Tuesday, August 28, 2007


"Made In China"

I admit that I'm conflicted.

A friend sent along this story over who should sculpt a monument for Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Washington Mall.

When my friend described the situation, my initial thought -- before reading the story -- was one thing: "Well, what's the big deal -- the French gave us the Statue of Liberty. Who cares that the sculptor of a statue of Martin Luther King is Chinese. I also remembered that King was heavily influenced by an Asian political figure -- Gandh and his philosophy of non-violence."

That said, after reading the story, my reaction was,"Hhmm....a statue of MLK on the Mall, that is essentially 'made in China.' I dunno, that strikes me as 'wrong', somehow."

I don't think the sculptor necessarily has to be black, but the idea of him being a Chinese national -- at a time when the Chinese are already buying up a healthy chunk of American real estate (and Treasury notes) bothers me.

So, tell me, am I being unnecessarily nativist -- or are certain aspects of America's cultural heritage appropriately off-limits to certain other nations/cultures?

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