Wednesday, August 22, 2007


One Stone Overturned

New York's state government was judged the country's most dysfunctional -- three years ago -- by a non-partisan think tank.

It was hoped that the election of Eliot Spitzer last November would change that.

It has.

It's gone from dysfunctional to demented.

In the latest installment, GOP consultant Roger Stone was canned today by the state Senate Republican Election Campaign Committee after it was revealed that he was behind an abusive "anonymous" phone call to Gov. Spitzer's elderly father, Bernard, a real estate magnate. Stone, a long-time GOP operative was hired earlier this summer to provide strategic assistance to Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno in his ever-evolving political war with the governor. That war, of course, has produced multiple investigations connected to Spitzer's use of State Police in an apparent smear job of Bruno.

RT readers will also recall that Stone was at least tangentially connected to mysterious e-mails that were sent around to various journalists around the state. The e-mails were traced to a former(?) associate of Stone's called Michael Caputo -- who denied a connection to Stone. (One quick way to decrease the size of one's in-box -- after my few postings on the various e-mails, I suddenly stopped receiving them in both of my e-mail accounts.)

"Mess" doesn't begin to describe what has become of New York state politics over the last few weeks.

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