Thursday, August 09, 2007


Queer Eye For An Open Thread

Proving that we listen to our audience here at RT, we start something new tonight. This evening is the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning (did I forget anything?) Democratic presidential debate (or "forum") co-sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign and LOGO cable channel.

I will not be watching it. Not because I wish to dis members of the GLBTQ community; it's just that I have prior commitments -- and I'm already debated out. To show my equal opportunity dismissing, I also missed the You Tube debate (though that was because my of my Luddite non-cable Dad), last Sunday's "This Week" GOP debate and the union debate this Tuesday. I'm somewhat sorry that I'll be missing tonight's show because my friend Jonathan Capehart (once of the New York Daily News, now of The Washington Post) is moderating the event.

Anyway, those interested in checking out tonight's festivities, you can either watch it on LOGO (check local cable listings) or view it online here.

And then, comment away!

UPDATE: Ryan Sager never gets "debated out." He has the wrap-up of the forum.

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