Saturday, August 04, 2007


Retro Record Moment

In honor of long-time RT stalwart Rodak and his new blog, an enjoyable quartet I discovered on PBS in high school in the documentary The Weavers: Wasn't That a Time. (Sorry, Rob, when it comes to Folk, I've always thought the Kingston Trio was to this group what the Archies were to MC5)

I'm assuming one of the MSU Greasers depicted on the current page is our own Rodak. I'm guessing the swarthy one. Seeing as how I'm a Buckeye that hates Ohio State and used to drill in Michigan's beautiful-but-freezing-even-in-July Upper Peninsula as a Reservist, I say "Go Spartans!"

Speaking of "Goodnight, Irene," I used to have this Leadbelly movie poster hanging up on my bedroom door during my wannabe militant days at OSU. I thought Roger Mosley looked like a badder mofo than Malcolm X ...

UPDATE: Another one for Rodak. A free Beatnik-ready Demitasse if you guess the Banjo Player without looking it up on YouTube!

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