Monday, August 06, 2007


Sliding Down The Fire Pole

In an example of cutting off one's uh, hose, to spite one's face, the New York Fire Department declared last week that firefighters in the future would be banned from posing for the charity "Calendar of Heroes." The reason, the cover boy of the 2008 edition appeared in a racy "Guys Gone Wild" video a few years back.

Michael Biserta can't be discliplined by the FDNY because he joined the department after swinging his apparently ample goods in front of an all-female camera crew in a video by the same folks who produce the very popular "Girls Gone Wild" DVD series.

The Biserta clip has now "popped up" on a number of gay sites (Google and ye shall find), causing the department some embarrassment. So now, FDNY Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta declared that the Bravest can't appear in any more calendars -- thus ending a very popular moneymaker, the proceeds of which go to the purchase of firefighting equipment.

It's ridiculous. The other firefighters haven't done anything wrong; there haven't been any incidents such as this previously. The calendars are fun and go to a good cause: Last year's edition brought in over $150,000; of course, expect the current one to become a big collector's item.

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