Saturday, August 04, 2007


Through the Looking Glass (Romney Edition)

(Madscribe, With apologies to Mr. Carroll ... )

'Twas brilliant, and in slimy tones
Did George and Lenore's son get nabbed
All flimsy when he sound like Rove
His Mormon's wrath out-gabbed

The fact that candidates for president from both parties threw their hats (pillbox, porkpie, or otherwise) into the ring so early in the process means that they've set themselves up for a lot of potential "Dean Scream" moments.

I've been pretty cool (hell, downright cold) to a Romney candidacy considering his church's teachings on the black race for most of its history. ("I'll have a bowl of Oatmeal Cush with a side of Cursed Ham.") That aside, I found it amusing that when the cameras are officially "on," Romney sounds like a cue-card reading idiot. However, when the official cameras and mikes are 'off," (about seven minutes into the video) he actually makes intelligent, reasoned and rational points about the need for the separation of a politico's personal religious beliefs and the imposition of public policy and laws on the beliefs of others.

We now have the true Jabberwocky candidate for our times. In "real life," he's a flip-flopping GOP counterpart to John Kerry. When the mixing board gets turned down, however, Romney is the Republican equivalent of the gun moll in Superman III. When in public, she acted like a brain-dead, blonde idiot. Whenever she was alone and thought no one was looking, however, she would grab paperbacks of Nietzsche and Kierkegaard from under the couch to contemplate existential philosophy.

UPDATE: New RT hyperlinks, now with extra SMARTYNESS©.

If any readers would like to pleasantly surprise Rodak and me, links to Søren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche now included. My own introduction to Nietzsche, I kid you not, was as a six-year-old looking up "Superman" in the set of encyclopedias given to my parents as a gift when I was born. I remember sitting in front of the TV in 1972 with the "S" volume and reading "SUPERMAN: See also Nietzsche, Friederich." What the heck, I thought, everyone knows Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Superman! Thus was my introduction to modern philosophy. So, existientalism and lousy films by the Richards Lester and Pryor all cosmically tie together in one big blog knot.

For the conservatively inclined, the one book by Dr. Laura that I own, from 1996 when she still made sense and hadn't become her fascist kid's mother yet ...

UPDATED UPDATE: Thanks to Rodak, I realize that I really have become an American Idiot (cue Green Day). I used to read books with titles like this and this in high school. Now ... I actually watch Family Guy. AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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