Thursday, August 23, 2007


Bernanke Panky

Quote of the Day: "
Americans buy things they don't need with money they don't have. "

You gotta love a country where sub-prime borrowers are told by the president not to expect a bail-out (unlike others), but if you are an irresponsible high-stakes speculative investor, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve will get the National Printing Presses rolling for you.

I love reading Bill Bonner's contrarian commentaries on America's macroeconomic shenanigans. Like Newsmax's John LeBoutillier on the political front, Mr. Bonner has been a pretty consistent economic handicapper of the ever-evolving miseries of the American people; and, no one explains the free-money mayhem of the Federal Reserve in a straight-forward, no frills manner quite like Bonner and his sidekick, Addison Wiggin (a delightful name worthy of a character in an early 20th Century English novel).

Start here for an insightful introduction to the Ron Paul branch of libertarian economic analysis.

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