Friday, September 14, 2007


Aid & Comfort

The above phrase is often used by pro-war individuals against their anti-war opponents, as in, "Publically opposing the war gives 'aid and comfort' to the enemy."

Well, after the last few days, anti-war people should be glaring at for giving "aid and comfort" to George W. Bush and his war effort. What began as a week when the administration should have been on the defensive because of the reality of Iraq vs. why the war was launched and its various changing rationales -- instead became a storyline of a radical left-wing group smearing a credentialed, respected general. And sure enough, Republicans -- despite their own misgivings over the war -- all united against the MoveOn/New York Times nexis. Conversely, Democrats were divided over whether they should condemnn MoveOn's ad or just ignore it. The president's speech, remarkably, is now an afterthought.

On top of that, the most aggressive (tempermentally, if not programattically) GOP candidate didn't waste time in, as The Weekly Standard puts it, "hitting the trifecta" -- going after MoveOn, Hillary and the Times.

Instead of debating Bush (failed?) policy, this weekend's Sunday talk shows (which are intrinsically skewed more toward politics than policy) will likely devote far more time to the MoveOn ad and what it says about an "anti-military" Democratic Party rather than the weaknesses of Bush's position and its impact on Republican fortunes next year.

The Petraeus hearings became an amazingly bungled opportunity for the Democrats that may have ripples for months to come -- all because of the rash action of an irresponsible ally.

UPDATE: Now edited to fix second-to-last "paragraph to nowhere" editorial screw-up.

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