Wednesday, September 19, 2007


"Don't Tase Me, Bro!"... this week's official slogan of Ragged Thots.

Meet Andrew Meyer, the UF student coralled with arguably extreme methods -- as he was questioning John Kerry. RT commenters have already begun the discussion of this incident in the previous post's thread. However, one question did pop in my head: Was Kerry conflicted over who's side he should be on?

On a serious point: Given that this guy decided to bum-rush the line and then dominate the Q&A, removing him from the proceedings might have been legitimate (thus putting aside the free-speech argument; at an open forum such as that, no one is guaranteed the opportunity to speak).

However, unless someone is clearly violent and a danger to the police, him/herself or others, there's no excuse for a Taser to be used. Meyer is a relatively big guy, but he didn't seem to pose that level of threat.

Student Tasered at John Kerry Speech ... Right or Wrong?

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