Friday, September 07, 2007


Retro Record Moment

It's Chrissie's Birthday! No, not that one. One of the only good things to come out of the God-forsaken state of Ohio, Ms. Hynde of Pretenders fame, turns 56 today. Ms. Hynde was an early guitar hero of mine as a teen (I was 14 when their first album was released). She and Grace Jones were my first celebrity crushes.

Though the original band sadly lost half of the group to drugs after their second album around 1982 (that event, along with the
death of Len Bias when I was an Ohio State student in 1986, probably kept me "straight edge" for life), Chrissie has soldiered on through various incarnations and continues to prove that women rock with the best (and in her case, better) of them.

She became an Ohio ex-pat early in life, but recently announced an entrepreneurial move in her birth state.
VegeTerranean, her new vegan restaurant, will open with an acoustic concert in Akron on September 15. If my car is willing, I'll be there!

Below, my favorite Pretender's song "Message of Love," as performed on Fridays. ABC's Fridays was to then-teenaged Gen-Xers what the original cast of SNL was to boomers.

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