Friday, October 12, 2007


A Not-so Nobel Cause

Until people like Gore do something about changing the POLITICAL climate that generates the smog choking the rest of us average folk, who cares about Nobel prizes?

Are we really supposed to swallow the media poison pill that anything Gore has ever done (compared to real environmentalists who've toiled for decades without overblown fourth estate hype to spotlight their efforts) compares to actual efforts worthy of a Peace Prize like those of Ralph Bunche or Martin Luther King, Jr? Puh-leez. Hey Al, here's a hint: do something about youth, drugs and get your junkie son together, or ameliorate the effects of your own hypocritical activities, before preaching to the rest of us about "Change."

Anyway (because RAG seems to enjoy these links), below the only song about the environment that's worth a listen (unlike all the corn-pone musical retards from this year's Live Earth fiasco).

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